Fastag KYC Update mandatory before January 31

Fastag KYC Update : In a recent announcement, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has announced that all Fastags without KYC (Know Your Customer) verification will be discontinued after January 31. This important update aims to enhance security and prevent misuse of Fastag. Vehicle owners are urged to complete the KYC process before the deadline to avoid any disruption.

Fastag KYC Update
Fastag KYC Update mandatory before January 31

Why is Fastag KYC being updated?

NHAI launched the ‘One Vehicle, One FASTag’ initiative, ensuring that each FASTag issued is dedicated to a specific vehicle. Using Fastag issued for one vehicle on another vehicle is a violation of RBI rules. To follow these rules, vehicle owners will have to update their Fastag KYC details.

How to update Fastag KYC

There are two convenient ways to update Fastag KYC. The first option is to visit the Fastag website Log in using your registered mobile number and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can log in using the OTP generated after entering your mobile number. Visit ‘My Profile’ section to update KYC details including ID proof, address proof, vehicle registration certificate and passport size photograph.

The second method involves visiting the branch of the bank that issued your Fastag. Submit the required KYC documents for verification. For any assistance or information, vehicle owners can also visit the nearest toll plaza or call the toll-free number 1033.

Processing time for Fastag KYC update

Once all the documents are submitted correctly, the KYC update process is completed within 7 days. Vehicle owners can check their KYC status on the ‘My Profile’ page.

Important reminder:

The deadline to complete Fastag KYC is January 31, 2024. If KYC is not updated by this date, Fastag services may be discontinued for the concerned vehicle.

New mandatory requirement

As part of the ongoing efforts to combat theft and misuse, vehicle owners are now obliged to link their FASTag specifically to the vehicle for which it was issued. This measure ensures that FASTag cannot be used interchangeably between vehicles, and appropriate action will be taken on any such misuse.

Fastag KYC Process

  • To facilitate the hassle-free KYC process, vehicle owners can visit official website
  • and go to the login option then enter your mobile number and otp
  • then go to the my profile
  • submit details and documents for fastag kyc
  • now easily complete KYC

conclusion: It is mandatory for all vehicle owners using Fastag to follow these updates and complete the KYC process before the January 31 deadline. This ensures a smooth and seamless experience while using Fastag services on national highways. Stay informed, stay compliant!

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