HKRN Selection Process 2024

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HKRN Selection Process 2024 : Haryana Skill Employment Corporation (HKRN) has announced its revised selection process for the year 2024. In a significant change, the selection will now be based on a maximum of 100 marks with revised distribution of marks as per various criteria. This blog post highlights the intricacies of the selection process by highlighting the specific parameters and scoring system.

HKRN selection process 2024
HKRN Selection Process 2024

HKRN Selection Process 2024 : Criteria and Allotment of Marks

Family Income Base (40 marks):
Candidates will be given up to 40 marks based on their family income. This criterion emphasizes the need to support individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Age of the candidate (10 marks):
Age plays an important role in the selection process, with a maximum of 10 marks allotted. This reflects HKRN’s commitment to providing opportunities across different age groups.

Additional Skill Competencies (05 Marks):
Candidates who possess additional skills relevant to the job will be given 5 marks, emphasizing the importance of diverse skill sets in the selection process.

Additional Educational Qualification (05 marks):
Similar to skills, additional academic qualifications contribute to the overall score, with a maximum of 5 points available.

Socio-Economic Status (10 marks):
This criteria focuses on the socio-economic status of the candidates, with 10 marks allotted based on specific parameters.

CET Qualified Candidates (10 Marks):
As an incentive for passing the Common Entrance Test (CET), candidates will receive 10 marks promoting academic excellence.

Ease of deployment (10 points):
Recognizing the importance of seamless integration into the work environment, candidates with expertise in deployment processes will be awarded 10 points.

Government Work Experience (10 marks):
Those with prior experience of working in the government sector will receive 10 points, reflecting the value placed on government expertise.

HKRN selection process 2024 Revised Points System

In line with the current policies of HKRN, the total selection marks have been revised from the previous 150 marks to a more streamlined 100 marks. Additionally, the socio-economic basis now includes specific point allocation for orphan candidates, widows and orphans.

conclusion: The HKRN selection process for 2024 is a well-thought-out system that emphasizes inclusivity, skills diversity and socio-economic factors. Candidates interested in joining Haryana Skill Employment Corporation must understand and prepare for each and every criteria carefully to maximize their chances in this competitive recruitment process. Stay tuned for updates and good luck to all potential applicants!

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