DigiPay Lite Blocked User Activation Process 2024

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DigiPay Lite Blocked User Activation Process : In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital payments, DigiPay Lite users may face challenges in account activation, often attributed to discrepancies or suspicious transactions. These blockages can be frustrating, but understanding the reasons behind such account blockages is the first step towards a solution. This blog post highlights two major reasons – anomalies triggering NPCI block and blacklisting of PAN and mobile numbers by NSDL. We will guide users through a comprehensive process to reactivate their accounts, ensuring safe and efficient resolution of these issues. Whether you are facing ID block due to unusual activities or struggling with blacklisted PAN and mobile numbers, our step-by-step instructions will empower users to navigate the verification process seamlessly. Let’s look at the specifics of each scenario and arm DigiPay Lite users with the knowledge they need to overcome these hurdles.

DigiPay Lite Blocked User Activation Process

DigiPay Lite Blocked User Activation Process

Reason 1: Discrepancies/Suspicious Transactions

If your DigiPay Lite ID has been blocked by NPCI due to any unusual activity, follow the procedure given below to reactivate your account:

Common Branding Board Photos:

Include photos with the general branding board, ensuring all images have GPS tagging.
Rate List Photos:

Capture photos with the rate list, ensuring GPS tagging for each image.
Complete Center Photos:

Submit photographs of the entire centre, with GPS tagging on all images.

VLE Request Letter:

Include VLE request letter received through DM.
Once you have these documents, email them to your District Manager. After the entire verification process, your ID will be activated within 24 working hours if approved by NPCI.

Reason 2: NSDL Blacklisted PAN and Mobile

Currently, NPCI has implemented various measures, which include blocking users and taking actions such as eFARM, terminal block, user suspension, PAN, MOB, PIN, area and device blacklisting. To physically verify users, we have set up a process. follow these steps:

Avoid multiple terminal usage:

Users should avoid working through multiple terminals.
Single Biometric Device Usage:

Users should avoid using the same biometric device with multiple user IDs, especially when working with multiple organizations.
Geo Tagged Shop Video/Shop Photo:

Share a detailed 360-degree shop video with Jio tagging. It is mandatory to share the video if the area/pin code is blacklisted.
Submit two of the following documents:

Aadhar Udyog Certificate: Proof of Aadhar Udyog Registration.
GST Certificate: User ID should be mentioned.
Shop License: Clear documentation of your valid shop license.
IIBF Certificate: Document confirming compliance with BC guidelines.
Bank Verification Letter: A letter from your bank verifying your identity.
Police Verification Letter: Additional security confirmation through local law enforcement.

Use the following applications for video/photo capturing:

Video Application: GPS Video Camera
Image Application: GPS Map Camera

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