Complete Guide to Annexure A for PAN Card Correction 2024

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Annexure A for PAN Card Correction : PAN card is an important document that requires accurate details to show the financial identity of an individual. In cases of major changes like name, date of birth or father’s name, the Income Tax Department often requests Annexure A. This attested document is important for updating the demographic details on the PAN card, and involves attestation by a notary officer. Usually Green PAN Card signer.

Complete Guide to Annexure A for PAN Card Correction 2024
Complete Guide to Annexure A for PAN Card Correction 2024

When to use Annexure A for PAN Card Correction 2024

Change of name, date of birth or father’s name:
When making significant changes in personal details on the PAN card, such as full name change, significant change in date of birth, or modifying father’s name, Annexure A is required.
The notary officer fills in the existing demographic details on Annexure A, cross-signs the photograph, and affixes his/her seal.

Required details at Annexure A for PAN Card Correction 2024

Full details of the notary officer are also required on Annexure A. This includes their designation, signature and official seal.

NSDL (Protean) vs UTI : Annexure A for PAN Card Correction 2024

NSDL (Protean) easily facilitates correction in demographic details through Aadhaar card, while UTI demands Annexure A or relevant correction documents even for minor changes.
Sample request letter for correction in father’s name:
In cases where a married woman’s PAN card displays her husband’s name instead of her father’s, a written request is required. This often happens due to an error made by the operator during the PAN card application process.

A sample letter is provided here as a guide, and it is recommended to attach supporting documents such as school certificates:

income tax officer
[Your jurisdiction]

Subject: Request for Correction in PAN Card – Father’s Name

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing to draw your attention to an error in my PAN card details. The card currently displays my husband’s name instead of my father’s name. I understand that the PAN card traditionally displays the father’s name regardless of marital status.

I request your assistance in fixing this discrepancy. I am enclosing the necessary documents including Annexure A, as well as school certificates to support the correction. Your prompt attention to this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

[your full name]

conclusion: Getting the details correct on the PAN card is a meticulous process, and Annexure A plays a vital role in ensuring the accuracy of the demographic information. Whether dealing with major changes or correcting a simple error, it is essential to understand the requirements and follow the correct procedures for a smooth repair process.

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